Pumpkin Seeds and Drain Cleaning in Buffalo NY

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Drain Cleaning Buffalo NY, Drain Repair Buffalo

Million of pounds of pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pulp is being scraped from pumpkins in the United States as we speak. That is not a scarey thought I know, unless your kids are afraid of putting their hands in the pumpkin pulp like mine are. Nevertheless, ones Buffalo plumbing system might start to shake, rattle, and gurgle at the idea of all those seeds and pulp potentially entering its pipes and drains!

Halloween and the winter season holiday season are hectic times of the year for us with looking after Buffalo drain cleanings for our neighbors. We recommend that one throw pumpkin seeds and pulp in the trash can and not down ones sink drain or toilet. Sculpt pumpkins on layers of paper and just roll it up for the garbage can when all done.

The Problem With Pumpkin Pulp and Seeds in Ones Buffalo Drains

When pumpkin pulp gets in a drain it does not flush all the way through the drain because it is so sticky. It will dry and harden on the sides of drains and lower the quantity of water that can flow through the drain. As even more unsuitable waste and bits attach to the pumpkin pulp, the drains could eventually close up all together. The same situation will take place if pumpkin waste is flushed down the toilet … though it might wind up being pushed further into the pipeline.

We put the infographic below together for property owners to have a better understanding of the threats of pumpkin seeds and pulp on their drains in hopes of preventing a needed Buffalo Drain Cleaning. Try one of tips found on it for what to do with pumpkin seeds besides throwing or flushing them away.

Also, learn more about our drain cleaning services here and the dangers of using chemical drain cleaners for getting rid of drain clogs this Halloween.

Pumpkins and Plumbing